Table from the Javelin container

Table from the Javelin container

Ukrainians in February 2022: fear of the unknown.

Ukrainians in February 2023: turning a Javelin container into a coffee table!

The FGM-148 Javelin is a portable anti-tank missile system developed by Lockheed Martin for the US Army and its allies. The container for the Javelin is huge, durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Initially, we planned to give the container to the winner along with the JVL speaker, but we decided that it was too interesting on its own to just give away, and the winner might have trouble housing such a large and impractical item.

Our goal was to create something that would not only be original and attractive from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional and useful. We tried to maximize the potential of this container and turn it into something more meaningful and valuable. We considered various options and settled on the idea of turning it into a table.

How was it done?

The unique coffee table was created using modern technologies and creative skills. Each stage of the work was thought out and executed with attention to detail, which allowed us to create a perfect result. At the beginning of the work, measurements of the base were taken, with the help of which a 3D model was created. This stage allowed us to avoid any mistakes in the development of the structure and fasteners.

The design of the glass for the tabletop was created in the style of Ukrainian embroidery, which was chosen for its beauty and symbolism. Ukrainian embroidery is not just clothing, but a real art with a long history. In the past, Ukrainians used embroidery not only to decorate their clothes, but also as a means of protection against evil spirits. This was due to the belief that embroidered ornaments have magical powers that help protect people from evil. The design of the glass tabletop, created in the style of Ukrainian embroidery, has become not only an aesthetic addition to the coffee table, but also a kind of honoring of the cultural heritage, because it is from evil that the Armed Forces of Ukraine protect us.

The glass tabletop mount was designed in a CAD program and manufactured using 3D printing, which made it precise in size, reliable and durable.

The final stage of manufacturing the tabletop involved engraving the ornament on the tempered glass. This stage required a lot of attention to detail, as each relief on the glass had to be worked out as accurately as possible. We turned to Sphere Glass, a company that has invaluable experience in manufacturing high-quality glass products. When they learned about our goal to create something special to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they agreed to help us free of charge. We are grateful to Sferaglass for their generosity and willingness to help with our project.

Thus, we see the result of the work of a large team, where everyone put a piece of themselves into this project. Each member of this team contributed using their unique talents and knowledge. As a result of all these stages, a unique coffee table was created, which became an adornment of any interior. It's original design and impeccable workmanship impress with their beauty and craftsmanship.

This table will become an exclusive decoration of your interior at home or in your company and will show your endless thirst to destroy the occupiers. At this table, a cup of coffee during the mass tragedy in russia will be the most delicious!

The Javelin table will be a symbol of support for an important cause - providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with pickup trucks. Your donation will make a valuable contribution to our common struggle for the independence and security of our country. It will be given to the person who makes the largest donation in our collection.