The first Ukrainian BOOMBOX auction: 406 151 UAH

The first Ukrainian BOOMBOX auction: 406 151 UAH

Hello, friends! 

We've finally reached the end of our BOOMBOX auction. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fundraising, and everyone who shared our posts and information about our auction. As of now, we have raised UAH 406 151. 

Very soon, on September 7, 2023, we will draw our prizes and announce our winners. 

Unfortunately, we did not manage to raise the desired amount of money, but we are not upset. We will draw conclusions and will definitely change our fundraising strategy for the next fundraiser. 

Also, due to the fact that the preparation of lots and the auction took longer than planned (because we did not lose hope of collecting at least three cars), the units for which we planned to buy pickups had more urgent needs: A car (SUV), a Mavic 3 quadcopter and a camel beak system for drinking water.

Later we will post a report on the purchase and delivery of the units. Follow the updates!