About Us

  • Some of you.
  • Like you, who did not leave the country.
  • Like you, who has been volunteering since the first days.
  • Like you, who keep in touch with the guys at front lines and helps in whatever way he can.
Віталіна Остапчук - 300x300

Vitalina Ostapchuk

Soloist of the Exemplary Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In civilian life: a Transcarpathian, singer, presenter, and vocal teacher.

Personal motivation: I dream of seeing the Ukrainian sunrise (and russia disappear).

Сергій Василенко - 300x300

Serhiy Vasylenko

Co-founder and COO of EPlay Game studio

In civilian life: A resident of Kyiv. Volunteer. I am not indifferent and active in positive changes.

Personal motivation: My relatives have been in the south in the occupied city since the first day of the full-scale invasion and are waiting for Ukraine's return. I hope that our Armed Forces will visit them in one of the pickup trucks we will buy at the auction.

Ніколоз Мачарашвілі - 300x300

Nikoloz Macharashvili

Founder and CEO of Virno Consulting & Marketing

In a peaceful life: A Ukrainian Georgian who loves the Donbas steppe and terraces as much as the Rioni River in his native Imerretia.

Personal motivation: After the Victory, to visit my grandfather's house in the Ukrainian Donbas.

Олексій Удовенко - 300x300

Oleksii Udovenko

Founder and CEO of Gentleman's Code

In civilian life: from the very east of Ukraine, so I saw with my own eyes where the sun rises in Ukraine.

Personal motivation: to bring Victory closer to coming back home and attending a match of my favorite Shakhtar at the Donbas Arena.

Богдан Підопригора - 300x300

Bohdan Pidopryhora

Sound engineer of the Exemplary Demonstration Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In civilian life: Kyiv resident, sound engineer, junior PPC specialist.

Personal motive: I want to go to a sanatorium in Yevpatoria.

Дмитро Бірюков - 300x300

Dmytro Biryukov

Lecturer at the Department of TAE of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

In civilian life: 3D printing enthusiast and photography enthusiast.

Personal motive: Well, I like the way it burns, the way non-humans fuss, the fire brigades come...